Autonomous LEGO robot tournaments


2004 Tidying up for christmas

2003 Christmas tree

2002 The piggy bank

2002 Santa race

2001 Environmental control

2000 Fork lift

1999 Soccer

1998 Election year

1997 The Hill

1996 Robot Golf Open

1995 Robot Fire Brigade

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This competition is part of the Robot Design course on the Master programme in Computer Systems Engineering 121-180p.
The robots are made from lego, sensors, dc-motors, servos, color-camera and a DSP. The DSP is programmed making the robots totaly autonomous during the competition. Thus, no human interaction is needed and the robots do not follow any pre-specified route. The task for the robots to solve on the 2 x 2 arena is different each year.
The tournament is a cup following a ranking system. But first, the robots are showing off alone on the arena for 2 minuts. The competitors are ranked after how good they performed.
The tournament is open for public and is an entertaining moment for young and old.
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The challenge prize.