Autonomous LEGO robot tournaments


2004 Tidying up for christmas

2003 Christmas tree

2002 The piggy bank

2002 Santa race

2001 Environmental control

2000 Fork lift

1999 Soccer

1998 Election year

1997 The Hill

1996 Robot Golf Open

1995 Robot Fire Brigade

2002 - Summer: The piggy bank

Collect coins from one side and put them on "your" shelf or coin hole. The robot with the most coins on the shelf and in the hole is the winner. On the court, two parts are higher than the rest, and called "the shelves". When the game begins, the coins are place on the common shelf. The task for the robots is to move the coins to their own part of the shelf on the opposite side. Alternatively put the coin into its piggy bank (see black part in figure). The two competitors have one shelf color each and a belonging piggy bank.

The Teams


Designed by Magnus Axelsson, Daniel Apoy and Jens Nordenbro.


Designed by Magnus Johansson, Maggan Shew and Tina Karlsson.

Rund Röd Robot

Designed by Viktor Lilja, Jonas Thorsell and Johan Thörnå.


Designed by Jerker Bengtsson and Bengt Lundin.


Designed by Jörgen Sundh, Patrik Nilsson and Sofia Freij.

Von Tjeck Kejbel

Designed by Patrik Broberg, Roland Bengtsson and Magnus Svensson.


Designed by Daniel Wahlgren, Maykel Faray and Dimitros Kokkalis.


Designed by Mattias Eriksson, Johan Sundin and Markus Klingberg.


Designed by Christian Gustavsson, Anders Jacobsson and Magnus Johansson.


Designed by Björn Sjögren, Joakim Olsson and Josef Kindberg.


Designed by Neil Lowrie, Daniel Strandberg and Mohamud Nur Abdulle.


Designed by Daniel Svensson, Timo Harju and Björn Nilsson.

The Tournament


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